Office Chairs Buying Guide

Just like with other chairs, office chairs should provide high level of comfort and last for a long time. The chairs should fit your work environment and your body to ensure that you do not tire as you work in your office. Anyone who spends time sitting in an office understands the pain associated with sitting on wrong desk chairs and desk jobs. Leg fatigue, headaches, knees pain, concentration problem sore arms and others are some of the problems associated with uncomfortable chairs in the office. When buying the office chairs it is good to take great care because there are those that look great, but when you sit on them for hours their look might be the only the good thing about them. Below are some helpful tips that will help you buy the best office chairs.

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Back Support

An effective office chair should have a back rest that gives the right support to the lumbar. A chair with a contoured backrest that can be adjusted will give the support and comfort your back requires. Armrest that can be adjusted allow for the differences that exist in body sizes. Most of the modern accent chairs have adjustable armrests that are easy to fine tune to fit users with different elbow heights.

Seat Support

An adjustable chair will offer you an opportunity to change your body positions throughout the time you will be working in the office. The seat of the chair should be adjustable in order to allow different users to use the office chairs at different heights. It should also be strong enough to give support to your body weight and soft to offer the comfort needed. Most of the ergonomic office chairs slope down in the front a bit, which helps move your lower legs around and avoid fatigue of the legs.

Height And Position

As people work in the office, they change their bodies throughout the day and the office chair you buy must allow the changes to take place effectively. A good office chair should ease the tension that results from twisting at your desk or office. The chair should allow the keyboard to be at elbow height, feet to lay flat on the floor and allow your upper calves to be about four inches from the cushion of the seat.

Padding and Material

You should buy office chairs that allow your body to breathe comfortably when sitting on it for long period of time. Fabric material provides the best option, but there are several other new materials such as molded foam, that will offer this feature too. The padding should also be comfortable to sit on and it is advisable to avoid buying a seat that is too hard or soft. A hard surface will lead to some pain after sitting on the chair for some few hours, while a soft one will not give the required support.

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The cost of the chairs is worth consideration. In the modern days there are cheap office chairs sold in the market, thus you can get quality chairs even when operating on a budget. However, avoid going for the cheapest ones because they may not last for a long time as you expect.